Lots of progress at the Reblab front! I have uploaded several datasets/slides and reports to Figshare and will give s hort introduction here:

First, we have a very interesting finding around Gardnerella amylase activity. Leon Steenbergen has finalized his masters thesis this summer and I presented some of his most important findings and some of our own in a presentation during the LAB symposium. Find the slides here.

Next, I finally managed to finalize the first retrospective data analysis together with the Helius study cohort which unfortunately leaded to a negative result. Previously I have shared the research proposal. Below find the FigShare link to the results report (negative results) + statistics (thanks Douwe Molenaar)! and of course thanks to the Helius group including Henrike van Galenkamp – van der Ploeg, Marieke Snijder, Maria Prins and Koos Zwinderman.

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