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On the Open Kitchen Science front, I have been talking to many people around Netherlands and Belgium. My experience is that it is a very open and welcoming community, full of inspiring and enthusiastic people. Unfortunately, it is still rather “patchy” meaning that the chances are slim that you will find another Open Science enthusiast in your niche.  Getting together is nonetheless inspiring and gives lots of new ideas and energy to continue.

A few events I attended:

-I gave a talk at the Open Science day in Belgium, organized by the Young Academy and the ministry of economics/science/innovation. Find the slides of the talks here http://jongeacademie.be/detail-evenement/focus-open-science/

-I joined the Young Academy in Groningen for a talk and discussion. Marieke van Vugt wrote up some insights from the afternoon on her blog. http://mariekevanvugt.blogspot.nl/2017/11/invisible-scientists-and-messiness-of.html

Lastly, I accepted the “baton” for a Dutch Open Science Estafette from Egon Willighagen. Will soon post my story (Dutch only!)

Find his kick-off here (Dutch only)

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